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About Us

We believe that making skincare products naturally is the only way that is truly worthy of your skin. Why else would we choose anything other than ethically sourced quality ingredients grown sustainably to ensure that everything we create is born out of care for the environment and love for the skin. Here’s to a better way forward.



Since 2015, our mission has been to formulate natural skin care completely dedicated to improving skin health. We believe that nature holds the answers. Our motto ‘From Land to Lab’ values the role we have in sustaining and respecting the environment through to using science consciously which we call - The art of simplified apothecary. Join us on this journey and together lets revolutionise.

When we began we thought that our business was about helping client’s achieve the results they desired through high quality prescriptive treatment. However we soon realised that the results were having a further impact on our clients going from being ‘just’ comfortable in their own skin to loving it. This was the breakthrough moment, discovering that we were actually in the business of restoring confidence.